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About us

I (Salvatore Stamegna) came to the Netherlands at the age of 16. Since then, I have been practising my passion for the Italian cuisine. First, I worked at several Italian pizzerias. After a couple of years, my brother and I opened our own restaurant (Miramare).

On December 1, 1994, I opened a kiosk at the Uithof. After 10 years I expanded the business into a pizzaria, which has been located below the library of the Utrecht University for 15 years now. In total, we have been preparing food solely based on traditional Italian recipes for 25 years.

To continue this family business for many years to come, my son Leandro joined the company 2 years ago. Together with our Italian staff, we ensure the perfect taste and atmosphere. One example is Gianluca Casalini, our manager and pizza baker, who has passionately been preparing our fresh products for 23 years already. We make fresh Italian sandwiches, pizzas with homemade dough, pasta specialties and delicious oven dishes every day. In the summer, we also sell fresh Italian ice cream that is made by San Marco (an ice cream shop) from Amersfoort.

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We deliver from €15,-. Order for more than €30,- and the delivery will be free.
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